Belleek Primary School is a Controlled Primary School catering for the educational needs of its primary children. It is a caring school in a rural area in West Fermanagh where the whole school community shares a common goal to do the very best for all children in its care.

Our overriding aim is to establish and foster Christian values for life. To do this it is essential that we work in partnership with all our parents and the community. Indeed the success of our school depends on good co-operation between staff, pupils and parents.

In Belleek Primary School we aim to foster a loving, caring, supportive environment where staff and pupils work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect so that each and every individual can achieve the highest level of their intellectual, personal, social and emotional development of which they are capable within the context of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.



  • Provide a relevant and balanced curriculum and develop life skills among pupils.
  • Help each child develop an awareness of, and pride in, his or her own talents, skills and abilities. to nurture each child’s potential, working to build their self-confidence and self esteem.
  • Develop an interest in learning and the motivation to learn coupled with a lively and enquiring mind, the ability to question and to make informed decisions.
  • Help children develop a respect for the environment and an attitude that leads to self discipline, independence, courtesy, good manners and a respect for themselves and others, so that they can become useful, contributing and responsible members of society.
  • Encourage children to develop the ability to communicate clearly and confidently and perform to the best of their ability in the skills of reading, writing, listening, talking, numeracy and ICT.
  • Create and secure educational partnerships between home, school, the parish and the wider community.
  • Promote the development of a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create an inclusive environment where diversity among individuals is celebrated, embraced and responded to and equal opportunities are available to all.