Happy Heart and Happy Mind

Last week in school we focused on keeping ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. We talked about healthy eating, exercise and explored our top tips to feeling happy. 

Miss McMorris’ class sampled some delicious fruit; exploring their senses. They also made support balloons to promote positive mental health. To finish off their week they made some beautiful Valentine’s Day pictures. 

Mr Beattie’s class were busy giving their top tips for maintaining a healthy mind. As the theme for Children’s Mental Health week was ‘Growing Together’ this year, Mr Beattie’s pupils created a diagram illustrating their past growth and future growth, all of which has already shaped and will shape them as a person. They also looked closely at the structure of the heart and made some lovely Valentine’s Day cards to finish off their week. 

To celebrate ‘Happy Heart Day’ on Friday, we encouraged our pupils to wear red. Take a look at our busy week, well done boys and girls! IMG_0484

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