Percy the Penguin and Podcasts!

What a busy time we have had in school during January and February. The P1,2 and 3 class have been learning all about Penguins. They have been learning all about Antarctica, penguins and other animals found in cold lands. To make their studies even more exciting, the boys and girls receieved a special delivery in the post, all the way from the South Pole. Inside the parcel was a lovely little penguin called Percy. The boys and girls have made an excellent job so far taking care of Percy! He has been visiting all of our P1, 2 and 3 pupils in their homes and keeping a diary of their adventures. 

Meanwhile in Mr Beattie’s class the pupils have been making their very own podcasts. They have been exploring various apps to compose their own podcast ‘jingle’ and have been interviewing each other to review various films from Film Club. 

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